I very rarely read the release notes that come with app updates. And even though we don’t know each other very well, I’m willing to bet most of you don’t either. My husband does, though. He reads every manual and update note that comes with anything and everything, including the release notes for the latest Yahoo! Fantasy Football app update. I’m glad he read that app update, because if he didn’t, he would have missed the hysterical gem that is the third bullet in the image below:



Week 8: Four Things

by Colleen

Week 8 Four things—The “Nice Try” of the week, The “So Good To See Him Back” player of the week, The “I Don’t Know What To Make Of This” moment of the week, and the “I Really Didn’t Think This Would Happen Because I’m A Pessimist” moment of the week:

The “Nice Try” of The Week:

The “So Good To See Him Back” player of The Week: Drew Brees. He was on Sunday night, and he was on for the entire 60 minute game. It’s fun to watch Brees when he’s playing well, mostly because he can spread the ball all over the field like no other QB. Yeah, I said it.

The “I Don’t Know What To Make Of This” Moment of The Week: J.J. Watt, the selfie mocking and post game comments on Tennessee’s rookie QB. Okay, a selfie is a bit…childish (I suppose), and J.J. Watt is one of the hardest working players in the league, so he’s allowed to smack talk, but…who cares if a player takes a selfie or ten off the field?

The “I Really Didn’t Think This Would Happen Because I’m A Pessimist” Moment Of The Week: The Gronkinator. He’s back.


Week 7: Four Things

October 21, 2014

Week 7 Four things—My “fine. FINE, he’s good” moment of the week, the BEST play of The week, the surprise realization of the week, and this week’s QB drama: My “Fine. FINE, He’s Good” Moment of The Week: Danny Amendola, New England’s wide receiver who I love to hate. Amendola had a really good game [...]

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Tonight Show Superlatives: 2014 NFL Season – 49ers and Broncos

October 18, 2014

Oh! My favorite post of the week—Tonight Show Superlatives. Once again, they’re spot on. See my favorite from this week’s segment behind the jump.

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Inspired Look // Denver Broncos

October 15, 2014

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Week 6: Four Things//Tom Brady Rules, The Heartbreaking and Sad Reality of The NFL, And Whoa…

October 14, 2014

Four things—the finally!, the heartbreaker the reality of the NFL, and the whoa—from week 6: The “Finally!”: Tom Brady playing like…Tom Brady, THE real Tom Brady! Brady completed 27 of 37 passes for a total of 361 yards, three of which were long, including a 53-yard pass to Brandon LaFell, and ended the week with [...]

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