Everyone is talking about the state of the NFL this week, including Late Night host Seth Meyers who aired a new segment Monday night—Four Downs. During the segment, Meyers tackled (heh) the fact that Rodger Goodell was MIA (as in missing, not in Miami. I know, but just in case!) this weekend, compared Ray Rice’s suspension to Josh Gordon’s, and the fact that he’s afraid of his wife.



Best Dressed QB Postgame // Week 2

by Colleen

I watched a lot of postgame press conferences today, and while I wouldn’t say Hoyer is the absolute best dressed QB I saw, I will say he’s the most comfortable at the podium:



Week 2! Icing, Pouting, and…

September 16, 2014

1. Oh Brady, why so blue? A 30-7 team win deserves a little more excitement than you showed in your post-game press conference. Sure, the offense could have been better, it should have given all the fabulous “weapons” you have in your offensive arsenal, but…time. You just need a little more time. Maybe things would [...]

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Watch: Tea Time with Jim Harbaugh

September 15, 2014

“Eli is like a Boy Scout who got too many badges without doing the work…” via Fox Sports

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This Week // Supporting Pediatric Cancer

September 14, 2014

There is a good chance that you missed the most heart-warming news to come out of the NFL in a long time with all of this talk about…well, you know. The news: Sean Peyton, head coach of the New Orleans Saints, purchased 100 Devon Still jerseys, Stills being a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals. [...]

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Boycott? No // Why I Agree With Katie Nolan

September 13, 2014

I live for Sundays during football season. In a world as scary, mean, and insane as the one we all live in, football serves as a mental break for me. Every Sunday between September and February, I get to spend a few hours, sometimes even a full day, with my husband and friends watching a [...]

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