Three things—Different Uniform, Same Sanchez; How About Them Saints?; and Is that a Jimmy Fallon Fat Head?—from week 11:

Different Uniform, Same Sanchez: Look, The Eagles as a whole played an awful, awful game on Sunday, but Sanchez…yeah, Sanchez. He had two interceptions, and three comical fumbles that kept Philly from even attempting to think of playing a competitive game. Sure, everyone has a bad day every now and then, but what we saw on Sunday was classic Sanchez. It’s clear that he’s not as comfortable with his new offense as he says he is, and honestly, I’m not sure that will change. As for his great performance last Monday? That was…luck. Sorry, Sanchez fans. Different uniform, same Sanchez.

How About Them Saints? Considering that I’m still baffled over the 51-yard pass the defense allowed last week against the 49ers, I have no idea what to make of the Saints performance on Sunday against the Bengals. One could argue that they fell for a trap game, but the Saints have been…sketchy all season, so I’m not buying it. I mean, they missed an easy touchdown on fourth-and-goal in the red zone at the end of the second quarter.

This team is killing me fantasy wise!

Is that a Jimmy Fallon Fat Head? Did you catch Sunday night’s Pats/Colts game? If you didn’t, you missed Blue, the Colts’s mascot, try to distract Steven Gostkowski during a field-goal attempt by holding up a ginormous Jimmy Fallon fat head. Thankfully, Blue’s attempt failed to keep the Pats from scoring, but it was still pretty hilarious.


What’s the best way to jump back into this little blog o’mine? Why, with a few Tonight Show Superlatives, Colts and Patriots style, of course!

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