Fenway Park

by Colleen

The husband and I played tourists one day a few weeks ago and took the Fenway Park tour. We’re dorks, what can I say?!



It’s All About The Fantasy…

by Colleen

Football. My life is all about fantasy football right now. Since I was preoccupied during the offseason, I didn’t have time to properly prep for my leagues like I normally do. Now I’m on a mad dash to catch up. What’s that, you ask? Oh, why yes, I do take my fantasy teams seriously! Too seriously, I agree!

Anyway, given that there are more fantasy options out there these days than your standard old fashion football league, and since it’s time we all start prepping for our fantasy teams/games, I thought today might be a good time to talk about a few of the more popular options out there.

Classic Fantasy League
Join a league, either a head-to-head or a total points league, and you get to manage your own team. First, you draft your offensive players (quarterbacks, tight ends, wide receivers, and running backs) and your defense (in most leagues, you pick an NFL team’s entire defense, as opposed to individual players). Then, every week, manage your roster! Your status within your league depends on the type of league you’re playing in. If you’re in a head-to-head league, your team plays against another team in the league every week. The team with the most points wins the week. A team can make the playoffs based on their win/loss record for the season. In a total points league, you accumulate points every week. In a total points league, a team can make the playoffs depending on the total points accumulated during the regular season. There are a few other types of fantasy leagues that…well, I have no experience with (to be honest) so…

Pick ‘Em
If you’re in a pick ‘em league, you’ll need to, yes, pick the winner of each and every NFL game every week of the season. You’ll make your weekly picks either against the point spread, or by simply picking a winner based on your own strategy (or instinct!). Either way, each winning pick is worth one point (in most leagues, at least).

Pick ‘Em leagues are intense. Well, at least they are for me, I tend to over-analyze each and every pick!

Eliminator Challenge
I love the thrill of an eliminator challenge. Unlike the Pick ‘Em leagues, the objective of this game is to pick the winner of only one NFL game every week. Make the right pick, you’ll live to see another week. Make the wrong pick, and you’re eliminated. Also unlike the Pick ‘Em leagues, you don’t need to decide if your picks will be made against the point spread or strategy, your picks in this game are strictly strategic. Oh, did I mention that you can only pick a team once? What I mean by that is, if I were to pick the Jets to win in week one, and they win, I’ll never be able to pick the Jets to win again.

Looking for a league? Well, there are a handful of hosts where you can create your own league (public or private), or join an existing league that is open to the public. Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, and NFL.com are a few of the well-known hosts. I’ve been in leagues with all three hosts, and honestly, I really don’t prefer one over the other!

Happy Fantasy Football season!


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