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Four things—Brady’s Bombs, F-Bombs, J.J.Watt The Amazing TE, A Humble Jimmy Graham, and Manziel—from week 13:

Brady’s Bombs, F-Bombs: I know I’m going to sound like my grandmother here, but you would think that after 15-years, Tom Brady would attempt to hide from the cameras when he’s throwing f-bomb fit. I mean, his kids are watching!

J.J.Watt The Amazing TE: J.J. Watt is good. Is there anything he can’t do? Watt, technically a defensive-end, caught his third touchdown pass while playing wide receiver on Sunday. Will we see him at QB next week?

A Humble Jimmy Graham: For a big-name player like Saints’ TE Jimmy Graham, he was very humble about having zero impact on Sunday

Manziel:Yes, Johnny Maziel finally stepped in for the benched Brian Hoyer (sad face). Manziel did okay, if you consider marching 80-yards down the field and a touchdown on his first drive okay. Fine, he was good, but I still have doubts.

Week 13 Post Game Quotes

December 1, 2014

Happy Manziel! [Source] Grump Brady! [Source]

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Week 12: Four Things // A Grape Soda Controversy, Another Season Ended, Vick! Smith! No Vick!, And A Meme

November 25, 2014

Four things—The Great Grape Controversy of 2014, Ryan Mallet’s Season? Ovah, The Let’s Laugh One More Time At The Jets, and The Best NFL Meme of 2014—from week 12: The Great Grape Controversy of 2014: Did you know that Aaron Rodgers has a post-game tradition that includes a PBJ and grape soda? Yeah, neither did [...]

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Tonight Show Superlatives: 2014 NFL Season – Cowboys and Giants

November 23, 2014

Some of these players make it too easy… My two, yes two, favorites behind the jump

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Week 11: Three Things // Sanchez, The Saints, And…Fallon?

November 18, 2014

Three things—Different Uniform, Same Sanchez; How About Them Saints?; and Is that a Jimmy Fallon Fat Head?—from week 11: Different Uniform, Same Sanchez: Look, The Eagles as a whole played an awful, awful game on Sunday, but Sanchez…yeah, Sanchez. He had two interceptions, and three comical fumbles that kept Philly from even attempting to think [...]

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