I have a confession to make. I’ve been watching E!’s Eric & Jessie Game On. Eric, of course, being Eric Decker.

Yeah, I can’t believe I just admitted that, either.

Eric & Jessie Game On is your typical reality show in that you really don’t want to watch, but once you start, you can’t stop. And as you watch, you can’t help but ask yourself over and over, “why on Earth do these two have their own reality show?” To be fair, Jessie and Eric are not nearly as annoying as every other reality star out there, but the show—which is in it’s second season—is still slightly obnoxious, if not a bit dull.

I binged watched all three episodes that have aired so far in the second season last night. The focus of all three was mostly around the Superbowl and how excited and proud of Eric Jessie was. It was almost painful to watch knowing that Denver got their butts kicked. The best scene out of all three, however, took place in episode three when Jessie, her mother, and her sister were at the nail salon getting manicures and pedicures in preparation for their trip to New York:

Jessie: “Want to get a number 18 for your hall pass? “You said Peyton was your hall pass.”
Karen: “That’s secure info.”
Jessie: “You said if you had a freebie it would be Peyton. You said you like the way he takes charge on the field.”

Peyton as a freebie. Interesting…


Have you ever wondered how all of the traditions in baseball started? The first pitch, the seventh inning stretch, hot dogs? I’ve been to a lot of baseball games in my 30+ years but never thought twice about them, until last week when I went to my first game of the season and started inundating the husband with a bunch of questions. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell me much, but thanks to my dear friend google, I learned a ton about a few of baseball’s traditions:

The First Pitch: There are two parts to this one, the presidential first pitch and the ceremonial first pitch that happens at every game. The presidential first pitch started with William H. Taft in 1910 when he threw the first pitch on opening day from his seat at a Washington Senators game. The president has thrown out the first pitch of the season every year since, minus a few years here and there. The Ceremonial first pitch happens at the start at every game, and is thrown by a guest of honor. Guest of honors range from celebrities, to hometown heroes.

The Seventh Inning Stretch:Exactly when baseball teams started to take a break in the middle of the seventh inning isn’t exactly known. Some, at least according to wikipedia, believe that the seventh inning stretch started at Manhattan College, most likely around 1890 or later. Others, however, believe it started with President William H. Taft—who apparently grew restless and needed to stretch in the middle of the game—in 1910, the same year he threw out the first ever presidential pitch.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Take Me Out to the Ball Game, the “unofficial anthem of North American Baseball”* is typically sung during the seventh inning stretch. The song was written in 1908—by two guys who, oddly, had never been to a baseball game before— but, while this has never been confirmed, it wasn’t played at a major-league game until 1934.

Baseball may be too slow for me to love like I do football, but it certainly has a cool history.

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