Week 7: Four Things

by Colleen

FINE, he’s good” moment of the week, the BEST play of The week, the surprise realization of the week, and this week’s QB drama:

My “Fine. FINE, He’s Good” Moment of The Week: Danny Amendola, New England’s wide receiver who I love to hate. Amendola had a really good game Thursday night*. He ran four great kick-off returns, recovered an on-side kick in epic fashion, and scored a 19-yard touchdown on 3rd down in the 3rd quarter, also in epic fashion.

Without that touchdown, New England would have lost.

The BEST play of The week: Why, the perfectly executed fake punt by the Rams, of course.

Surprise Realization of The Week: Indy’s defense? They’re pretty damn good. I mean, holding Cincinnati to under 200 offensive yards total, and shutting them out? Sure, Cincinnati is hurting right now, but Indy’s defense has been pretty fabulous for the last four weeks so…

This Week’s QB Drama: Washington. Kirk Cousins, benched. Colt McCoy, in. I can’t help but feel bad for Kirk Cousins. Everyone hyped him up, even before RG III got hurt. But after 11 turnovers since taking over, it was only a matter of time before we saw McCoy.

* I still miss Welker.


Oh! My favorite post of the week—Tonight Show Superlatives. Once again, they’re spot on.

See my favorite from this week’s segment behind the jump. [continue reading…]


Inspired Look // Denver Broncos

October 15, 2014

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I really have two favorites this week, the one behind the jump and Eli’s…

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